The use of a building or civil engineering structure may change throughout the course of its service life - for example, its function can change, loads can increase or higher building standards become required and the structure must be made compliant. Historical or landmark structures may need to be reinforced in a discrete way without impacting the original design or forms.

To extend the longevity of the structure for many decades to come, structural strengthening is a safe, secure choice. Sika provides fully comprehensive, complete systems for all kinds of structural strengthening. Whether the requirement is to increase the bending, shear or seismic resistance, tested and proven Sika systems are available for use on reinforced concrete, steel, wood and masonry load-bearing structures.


Sika CarboDur® System brings over
25 years
of experience with installations all over the world.
Sikadur® adhesives come with more than
50 years
of practical experience on demanding projects.

Fiber Optic Pulling Capstans

equipped with an integral torque limiter between the driving spindle and the inner hub. The torque limiter limits the pulling tension to a calibrated maximum that has been set at the factory to 600 pounds-force (2669 N). P/N 70381 is same as 70351, but provides pulling tension of 750 pounds-force (3336 N). ! How to Use Your New...

Gedore RTU 450 HEX | Dynamic Torque Limiter, 1 - 4.5 Nm

Gedore Dynamic Torque Limiter, 1 - 4.5 Nm, Gedore Dynamic Torque Limiter, Model RTU 450 HEX, sku# 018220, available to order from Flexible Assembly Systems.Do you see this Dynamic Torque Limiter available elsewhere at a lower price?

ABB drives, Technical guide No. 1 Direct torque control

10 Direct torque control | Technical guide No. 1 A DC machine is able to produce a torque that is: – Direct - the motor torque is proportional to the armture current: the torque can thus be controlled directly and accurately. – Rapid - torque control is fast; the drive system can have a very high dynamic speed response. Torque can be

PDF Torque-limiting Couplings SafeSet, SmartSet and AutoSet

a torque limiter. The old method of torque limitation with shear pins was not reliable enough. Curt's idea for cre ating a more reliable coupling was based on a permanent con nec tion with a safety function - later called SafeSet. In order to develop the invention into a commercial product, Curt rented a workshop to bring SafeSet to completion.

Torque limiter-Origin Precision Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Torque limiter is a machine element which are often know as slipping clutch that is commonly used on the paper feeding mechanisms in the printers, copiers, ...

Competition Engineering 4034: Engine Limiter Kit

Without this kit, engine movement within the chassis would cause the front and rear motor plates to flex and eventually crack. The use of two engine limiter kits, positioned on either side of the engine, is strongly recommended for high-horsepower race …

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Chris Alston's Chassisworks

'82-02 Camaro Torque Arm System. Drag-race torque arm system based on our FAB9 housing. Available components include: torque arm, tubular crossmember, housing adapter weldment, and direct-fit FAB9. E-Store - '82-92; E-Store - '93-02; Drag-Race Splined Anti-Roll Bars. Multiple styles of custom-fit splined anti-roll bars for drag race vehicles.

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Metals drives

Torque monitoring on wind turbines. Double-gear couplings for railway. Product Brand Name MT LAMIDISC® TCB / TCB-S AL-S / AL-SD / ALD RECORD JAUFLEX® IXILFLEX ®COMPOLINK JFTL TORQUE LIMITER JCFS JHC Type & Description Gear Disc pack Barrel (drum type) Gear spindles Grid / spring type Elastic Elastic Link Composite Link Torque Limiter ...


• Electronic torque limiter, failure feedback relay ELECTRIC ACTUATORS • Torque range from 50 Nm to 2,400 Nm • Swing angles from 75° to 105° • Operating time ranges for 90° from 4 s to 100 s • Limit and torque seating • 3-ph AC and 1-ph AC motors • Handwheel for manual operation • Mechanical Position indicator SWITCH BOX

Handwheel - an overview

Additional measures taken to avoid such damage are using a torque limiter and bevel gears, rather than the worm drive in the handwheel drive. A bevel gear drive with a shear pin torque limiter, can also be used and is shown in Figure 12.31. Some handwheel mechanism designs use the shear pin as a disengaging drive clutch.

Performance Testing Of Torque Limiter Timer Belt Spindle

Performance Testing Of Torque Limiter Timer Belt Spindle Drive for Overload Protection L. B. Raut1, Rohan N. Kare2 1Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, SVERI College of Engineering, Pandharpur. Solapur University, Solapur, (India) 2ME Student, Mechanical Engineering (Design), SVERI College of Engineering, Pandharpur.

The Application of Tolerance Rings in Anti-Theft Steering

American car manufacturers is the use of tolerance rings as a torque limiter fitted between the steering column spindle and a locking collar. At a predetermined torque, selected to protect the elements of the locking mechanism the tolerance rings will allow the spindle to turn relative to the locking collar (fig. 2). However this torque (typically

Crane installation from the weight of limiter design

Such sensors is the use of bridge crane up to a weight sensor, high precision, good stability, anti-interference, mounted on the hoist cable car bearing, therefore, installed after the hoist with one connection, the power of direct access, data accuracy, Without any impact on the operation of the cable car, do not need regular maintenance can ...


A. Spindle Speed Levers: Used to get spindle speed at available RPMs. B. Coolant Pump Switch: Turns pump on, sending coolant to nozzle C. High/Low Spindle Speed Range Switch: Selects high/low range for spindle speed. D. Spindle Rotation Switch: Controls direction. E. Spindle Stop Button: Stops all work.

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We provide 2 types of torque limiters. One of them is magnet(hysteresys) type, and another is spring type. The torque limiters are used for office appliance ...

Screw Torque Setting

Description: absolutely zero backlash Corrosion resistant Very simple torque setting Features Torque Limiter Model SLN: Integral bearing for timing belt pulley or sprocket Compact, simple construction Torque setting is continuously variable Frictional clamp connection Simple to . Bore Diameter: 0.4724 to 2.13 inch; Clutch Engagement: Friction; Diameter: 2.44 to 4.65 inch

Couplings: Disc, Elastomeric, Fluid, Gear, Grid

Couplings. Rexnord has provided customers with industry-leading, precision engineered coupling solutions for over a century. Manufactured for quality, reliability, and easy maintenance, Rexnord couplings offer dependable coupling solutions for every industry and every application.

Torque limiter P type

Torque limiters are also called slipping clutches, and are a mechanical ... ・obust against environmental changes, able to be used in the range of 0°C to ...

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Drill Torque and Settings Explained

What if you turn the torque adjustment ring between 5 and 8 numbers? The torque will be set to soft trees. And if you insert screws for this, use these indicators. Step 4 - rotate further again. When you turn the torque adjustment ring between 9 and 12 numbers, the torque will be set to rotate the screws into semi-soft or semi-solid wood types.

DD-330 Spec Sheet

commutator, adjustable torque limiter. Spindle thread: 6-5/8 API reg. pin. Customer specifies pipe connect-ion thread adapter Carriage Drive Max. thrust/pullback 330,000 lb (1470 kN) Carriage system Rack and pinion, two pinion drive, with adjustable force limiter Max. carriage speed 130 ft (39.6 m)/min Drill Pipe Length Range 2 (to 34 ft ...

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Kurven Kurvengetriebe Werkzeugwechselsysteme

For a magazine with 20 tools, on a machine with admission SK 50, vertical spindle axis, tool gripping rotation clockwise, with self-braking gearmotor and torque limiter, tool weight 15 kg, standard gripper with 700 (mm) exchange distance and 3.00 (s) exchange time. CTM 50 - D - V - 20 - L - 700 / 3.00 Short description


2.3.2 Torque limiter settings Drive speed 1450 rpm ( 50 Hz, 4-pole electric motor ) Power Torque Pump size (kW) (Nm) 45 80 112 140 200 3.7 24 5.5 36 S3 7.5 49 L4 S3 11 72 L1 L6 S5 15 99 M2 L3 S2 S3 18.5 122 H4 L1 L4 S1 22 145 H4 M4 L3 L6 30 198 H4 M3 L2 L5 37 244 H2 M1 M3 L3 45 296 H1 H4 M2 L2 55 362 H2 H4 M3 75 494 H1 H6 90 593 H4 110 724 H2 ...

FANUC Alarm Code List - Common FANUC Error Codes & CNC

Aug 30, 2021 · Change the conditions, such as feed rates along axes and torque limit, and try again. 245 T–CODE NOT ALOWEE IN THIS BLOCK T series;One of the G codes, G50, G10, and G04, which cannot be specified in the same block as a T code, was specified with a T code.